Mini Residency 2018


* The A to Z course on All-on-4® treatment concept

** Small one-on-one class with hands-on sessions | Limited availability

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Discover Potentials of All-on-4®

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Discover Potentials

All-On-4 has to offer

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with ALL-ON-4


Reason 1/

All-On-4 is in Demand!

"Strike while the iron is hot" 

paints a clear picture on this scenario. The demand for All-On-4® has been on a quick and steady rise. Patients have heightened awareness of the procedure and are seeking innovative solutions to unresolved dental disease. 


All-On-4® patients appreciate a rapid improvement in quality of life. A non-removable full-arch bridge on the day of surgery leads to improved satisfaction with function, esthetics, sense, speech and self-esteem.


The treatment is most often completed in one procedure on the day resulting in shorter treatment time than traditional approaches.


Also, when compared to traditional, phased implant treatments for edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients, the All-On-4® concept is significantly less costly, for both the patient and doctor!


Reason 2/

Optimizing Your Skills

Embracing the All-On-4® concept is a culmination of all the dental knowledge and skills you have acquired.


With this comprehensive program, you will further enhance diagnostic and treatment planning skills as you work up patient treatments. You will also draw upon your current knowledge of fixed/removable prosthetics, implant dentistry, smile design, occlusion and function.


Through regular All-On-4®  work-ups, you will formulate and present alternative implant solutions. Consequently, patients will view you as an "expert" and accept more implant treatments.


Experience the reward of changing patient's lives and providing outstanding patient experiences. Raise the bar of your practice!


Reason 3/

Improved Bottom Line

Simply put - the All-On-4® concept is the most profitable procedure done in restorative doctor practices. Completing All-On-4®  procedures will greatly enhance your bottom line.

Doctors regularly report that completing full-arch reconstruction has led to their most profitable year ever!


Besides 30 CEU credits, this All-On-4® Mini Residency also offers you a unique perk you do not see in any other program... As part of the program curriculum, you will be required to identify and treat actual patients, which leads you to an immediate net profit right upon completion of the course!


Discover Potentials of

All-on-4® Treatment Concept

with North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery's Mini Residency

"I have seen firsthand the benefits of restorative doctors participating in mini-residencies. Doctors gain A to Z knowledge and confidence to provide the life-changing All-On-4® treatment. It is the only course I know where participants profit through participation."

― Dr. Scott Frank

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